Ce certificate fiberglass mesh for retaining walls

                                     CE Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall                     &n

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                                     CE Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall
Fiberglass Geogrids Description: 
EltGrid-FGG Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of planar mesh material using alkali-free fiberglass yarn as base body and then coated with high quality modified asphalt. It is warp knitted with oriental structure which gives full play of yarn strength and improves its mechanical property to make the product high tensile, tearing and creep-resistant. Moreover, the composite property of coating with asphalt makes full protection of the fiberglass matrix and greatly improves its wear and shear resistance. All the advantageous functions make the product have a good performance in pavement strengthening, track cracking and solving difficulties of strengthening the bituminous pavement.
1.Self-adhesive Fiberglass geogrid
2.Fiberglass geogrid Without Self-adhesive 

Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

Fiberglass Geogrids Specification: 
Fiberglass geogrid technological standard(GB/T 21825-2008)
Mesh center distance(mm)Longitudinal25.4±3.812.7±3.8
breaking strength(kn/m)Longitudinal305060801001201505080100
Breaking Elongation(%)Longitudinal4444444444
Fiberglass Geogrids Features: 
1, Light weight, high tensile strength, high modulus, low elongation and good toughness.
2, Corrosion resistance, no long-term creep, long life span.
3, Good physical and chemical stability and good thermal stability.
4, Resistant to fatigue cracking, high-temperature track and low temperature shrinkage cracking.
5, Delaying and decreasing crack reflection.
Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

Fiberglass Geogrids Application:
1, Reinforces old asphalt concrete road surface and asphalt surface and asphalt layer
and prevents damage.
2, Use for rebuilding cement concrete road surface into composite road surface and restraining restrain reflection caused by caused by block contraction.
3, Used in road expansion and improvement project and prevents crack caused by old and new combination position and uneven sedimentation.
4, Used in soft soil base reinforcement treatment, is favorable for soft soil water separation and concretion, restrains sedimentation effectively. distributes uniformly and improvement overall strength of road base.
5, Used for preventing contraction crack caused by road semi-rigid base layer, and reinforces and prevents road surface crack caused by foundation crack reflection.
Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

      1, the max breaking strength is 400kn/m.
       2, the mesh center distance 50mm*50mm is ok.
       3, Self-adhesive fiberglass geogrid's technological data is the same as the above.
Please remark followings informations while you order:
  1.  Tensile strength in warp & weft direction   
  2.  Grid size    
  3.  Roll Width     
  4.  Roll Length    
  5.  Quantity    
  6.  Packaging   
  7. Special needs can be met according to your requirements.
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Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

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Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

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Ce Certificates Fiberglass Mesh Grid for Retaining Wall

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