Family-Like Atmosphere Around Golden Knights Appears To Have Disintegrated -

2022-08-12 10:58:31 By : Mr. Terry Tsai

Tonight, the most tumultuous season in Vegas Golden Knights history officially comes to an end.

It’s been a year in which the storyline has been dominated by injuries, but was also marred by reverted trades, salary cap manipulation, goalie controversy, and so much more “outside noise” as the organization likes to call it.

A team that was expected to compete for a Stanley Cup fell woefully short and the diagnosis of why will shape the most important offseason the franchise has ever seen.

Because of the spotlight that has followed the Golden Knights since their arrival in the NHL, pretty much everyone has an opinion on what went wrong. These opinions are wide-ranging too.

Many believe there’s simply nothing the Vegas organization could have done to avoid a season in which they lost nearly 500 games and $26 million of salary cap value due to injuries. While others completely discount the injury issues and point to intangibles surrounding the team, some of which even include mythical constructs like curses and karma.

Everyone views it slightly differently as each person has a different background that helps them frame a season that truly is unexplainable. Some lead to wacky off-the-wall over-exaggerations (admittedly, I fall in this category from time to time), while others just chalk it up to the randomness and sports.

Recently former NHL player and current analyst Bill Lindsay weighed in on how he viewed the situation surrounding the Golden Knights. As a former player of more than 700 games and color commentator for the Florida Panthers, he took a unique angle as to what has changed inside the walls of City National Arena.

There is a personal part of a family and believing that it’s a core there. And they had that, they were the Misfits early on, the underdogs and everyone was discounting them. Even though it’s a business when people do good work for you it’s a family throughout the whole organization. -Bill Lindsay, former NHL player and NHL Network analyst

Lindsay cited the firing of Gerard Gallant, the casting off of Marc-Andre Fleury, and the failed trade of Evgenii Dadonov as examples. He also tied it back to his playing days when he was part of a situation he feels is similar to the one here in Vegas.

My first three years with the Florida Panthers, first couple years we miss the playoffs. Third year we go to the Stanley Cup Final. We’re on track, everything’s going good. Fourth year we go to the playoffs but we traded Stu Barnes that year. They felt that they had to get younger because they had success and that kind of ripped the heart out of our dressing room and it started a downward spiral that they never recovered from. -Lindsay, former NHL player and NHL Network analyst

In that first season, everyone, and I mean everyone, was singing from the same page of the lyric sheet. From the players and coaches to hockey ops to marketing to ticketing to in-arena production, it truly felt like a family more than an organization. Since, we’ve seen massive turnover across the entire organization, and that family-like atmosphere appears to have gone away with it.

And while this is far from uncommon in sports, sometimes it can go too far, and that appears to be the case with the Golden Knights.

They’ve stripped down some of the most important and influential characters in every corner of the organization. Crucial players like Marc-Andre Fleury, Nate Schmidt, and David Perron, role players and locker room guys like Ryan Reaves, Nick Holden, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, and Brad Hunt, coaches Gerard Gallant, Mike Kelly, and Dave Prior, key figures around office including Murray Craven, Brian Killingsworth, Jonny Greco, Ayron Sequeira, Jim Frevola, and so many more, have all left the team.

When people do really good work for you, you should reward them. – Lindsay, former NHL player and NHL Network analyst

Many who have left the organization do not feel this was done for them.

There are many directions the Golden Knights could go this offseason to get them back on track towards winning a Stanley Cup. Reinstalling a “family-like” culture is certainly one that should be at the top of the priority list.

Excellent analysis. I’m in the family camp, too. The hearts of the team, and there were many, have been ripped from the team.

It is said that one can never go home again, yeah, it is a business, but it’s been turned over to the point of unrecognizability… well, we will always have 17 / 18 and the incredible joy they gave our city

Brad, Nick, and Aly randomly getting canned at the same time after the first two seasons also.

Don’t forget the #1 departure, Stormy Buonantony (well AND maybe the #125 or so Mike Mckenna lol). It’s kind of a dumb thing, but when you watch 80+ games a year it matters and Stormy was awesome and excellent at what she does! Players would even flick her crap in an interview, again things were fun. Not stiff as hell like they are now. Not a personal attack to the new masked girl (Kenny McCormick), but I don’t like her. I blame her for all that went wrong with this team.

Stormy left on her own for a better opportunity with ESPN and VSIN…you can blame the organization for a lot, but not that one

I never said she was fired. I said the #1 departure. She already worked at ESPN (I am pretty sure remember her as a side line report in a couple of games while still at VGK) and I am not sure VSIN is a better job, but probably pays better and certainly easier travel.

Stormy left on her own for a job she wanted. And remember she replaced Aly who was practically part of the misfits.

Aly got a gig 1000 times better in the OC, a much better place to live, for the DUCKS. Tell you how much of an issue the grape stomper will have getting people to come, and stay, in Vegas.

She still couldn’t say Merry Christmas, because well , we all know why. That was hysterical when all the announcers were trying to get her to say it, and she wouldn’t.

Fuck your California! They you guys are like locust, spreading to all the nearby states and fucking them up too.

spin out on my post, but

“spreading to all the nearby states and fucking them up too.”

that is so true my friend, so true. Did you know CA is 1) taxing cars based on mileage 2) planning to bar non electric cars in 15 years 3) added a fee on top of tax when you buy a carpet /rug amounting to at least 15% of the sales price??

@THG It probably was a spin out on my part. That is my reaction to CA. Tool sang it best… Arizona Bay, flush it all away. Among many things, the taxes are awful, for sure. Then folks bail from CA and infect other states by implementing the same laws/taxes. It is almost amazing to watch. If you didn’t like it there, why vote and act the exact same way elsewhere? You can’t change stupid.

blitz i hear ya loud and clear

Rr: Mass exodus from Cali during 80’s -90’s to Nevada( yes, taxes), and they had cold CASH. They inflated real estate to ridiculous levels here, pricing locals out of the market. I was one of the local “losers” then. They also caused HUGE traffic, school, government services, infrastructure problems here. Then, during the worst of Covid, there were mass migrations of CALI Folks to Tahoe/ northern Nevada, to escape their infected state—locals were extremely pissed, as CALI folks snapped up every available property in that area, effectively shutting locals out of the market. Nevada has suffered through decades of CALI CREEP. It has been a MESS.

It’s not a better place to live. Oh yeah, it is if you like paying $7 a gallon gas and living in a 1.8 million cracker jack Condo and paying confiscatory taxes and sitting in traffic all day. Oh yeah, count me in on that.

Yes Stormy did leave on her own. Her ESPN sideline gig is probably pretty good, but the job she left for (gambling thing), to me is a step down. Did they ask her to stay with matching money etc? I am guessing not. Or maybe she realized the atmosphere turned into the Soviet Union. I have no idea, but to me it is a loss. Yes you are right about Aly. I kind of think of her as leaving early and not part of this giant team shift to the gutter, but still a good point.

@ Blitz everyone knew when STORMY Left VGK would have a crap year.


She was classy, cute, and I am happy she moved on.

Aly was booted after two seasons, along with the rest of the pre/post game broadcast team, as well as Haula, Hunt, Bellemare, Carpenter, and Miller. Then Gallant fired. Beginning of the end for the misfits.

I have one just like it

get one for your mouth

Ashali is nice and does a good job. Not her fault she came when she did with all that went on this season.

I find that picture to be creepy-like. How they are staring, its all dark, etc. Good stuff.

Well written, Ken. Totally agree with the entirety of it.

I saw a video of Ryan Getzlaf walking into Honda center to play his last game there, where he was greeted by what seemed to be 100 people of whom he has impacted in the community. After exchanging hugs with almost all of the staff, the Ducks owners, Henry and Susan Samueli, were the last to give him well wishes. Susan tearfully embraced Getz and Henry looked not only a proud owner, but as if he was sad to see one of his own family go. I instantly thought to myself that is exactly the kind of culture VGK needs. Yes, Bill Foley is a cold businessman who demands results out of his major investment, but if you want players to stay and want to play in an organization even through extended playoff droughts, they have to start treating players more like the Samueli’s seem to treat the Ducks.

@sherm, bull shit post with no relationship at all to VGK organization in which fans pay money to see medieval knights in pre game shows bashing heads of other cartoon characters in lazor light shows. Cheerleaders hardly wearing any cloths, DJ’s spouting cRAP music, etc etc etc etc.

This is VEGAS BABY not DISNEYLAND perversion.

Take a Xanax and give your Twitter fingers a break, my guy. It would be a shame if arthritis followed your dementia and took your ability to type nonsense away.

@ sherm , only nonsense I see here is YOU trying to a compare something to NOTHING.

You realize the DUCKS have been in existence for nearly 20 years and VGK have no players that have come close to being in organization for that long.

Take your bull shit projection elsewhere, it’ won’t fly here.

Called out for the bull shit that it is.

Typical and predictable unhinged response from you, THG.

@sherm get back to me in 20 years when you have something to post that makes sense.

Also, you’re really getting your granny panties all bunched up over opinions and observations. Get off the computer and go enjoy the warm weather. Some fresh oxygen will really do that deprived brain of yours some good.

That Cali air has deteriorated his brain cells

i was out earlier and my hair peace got blown off my head, now some pigeon is using it for a nest

Family atmosphere took the last train out of town. This team management, coaching, and you’d have to include owner are so corrupt there’s no way anyone will believe them again. From the Gallant firing to the latest lie about the Lehner surgery and everything in-between has been total cluster fuck. Bill Foley has forgotten his West Point Code of honer , loyalty. & camaraderie. Once again the drum I’ve been beating Joel Quenneville let him flash those 3 Stanley Cup rings and tell these guys I’ll show you how to win. At least it would excite the fan base and I believe would excite the players. Other option keep DeBoer and have a city and team with no faith of pulling out of this mess. Your choice.

I agree with your post except this team already has an image problem and Quenneville past would just add to the bad look.

OR maybe a good fit since VGK also needs to work on their image. Big reset button for everyone. Right the wrongs and move on.

so much so that players are still knocking on door to come and play here.

I don’t get it.

Fans still filling the building.

I don’t get it.

What players are knocking on the door to come here??? Players like Petra and RL come because this is the only organization dumn enough to pay them what they did. Same can be said for Eichel. What other players are trying to hard to come to VGK? Let’s hear t!

no it won’t. !!!!! he just beat the sharks to put them in the finals and that’s all he focused on. 11 years later this 6’3 200 plus guy comes out of no where from the practice squad. evander Kane still playing. Mike Milbury went over the bench glass to pummel a fan when he coached Bruin He was doing between period. with Roeneck during cup. ! Hockey had its goons & thats was OK Commissioner left door open for Q & set all he has to do is see him. If they had the balls to really get him you grab Dale Tallon also to fix the cap shit & possible Lehner situation.

after Quenneville’s inaction in Chicago he’s never going to coach again.

Bettman said he may .don’t know if Q wants to

Great read! It was obvious from the beginning of the year all you had to do was look at the secondary ticket market and you could tell that there was a disconnect. Tickets were half as much as they were in prior years.

@ VGK did you forget about COVID?

conspiracy nut jobs abound on this site, and every time they rear their ugly head in the manure; they will get called out.

Sorry buddy, you must be living under a rock but T-Mobile was open at full capacity all year.

You probably don’t know this but the RAIDER tickets were selling at 2-4 times face value. Apparently in your mind covid only occurred east of the strip not west of the strip.

sorry buddy but as usual you are full of shit

“ @SinBinVegas · Apr 20 There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the Golden Knights for the last few months, but it has absolutely not changed the crowds in the building. They are still here and they are still electric.”

I’ve been a STH for 4 years I attended 40 games this year including preseason. You seemed to have a problem reading my original post the tickets are selling at half price on the secondary market compared to past seasons clearly a disconnect.

Yet the Raiders tickets are selling at 2 to 4 times face value. I know you don’t like facts have a cookie and go back to the kiddie table.

the crowds are still coming,

maybe the new team in town is drawing more people ??? AND HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORIES ???

Sinbin post says you are wrong, the crowds are still coming regardless of “secondary market”.

I guess VEGAS is too small of a town to have more than one sports team. That has nothing to do with so call bull shit “noise” , that is really not “noise” but writers whining and looking like sore losers.

I for one can’t wait for A’s to move here and we have a real sports team with over 100 years of history. We’ll see how the idiot writers get the “most unsophisticated” fan base in history of sports to drink their kool aid BS.

The stadium could be at half capacity and they will say the crowds are still coming… Fact is there are a lot of empty seats out there

Uhm that was one of the last home games and they were killing it .that’s the only reason .Otherwise no not so electric .lots of empty seats .and tbh some of the theatrics and noise was grating on me compared to before

I am a STH and note that there is always at least 20% of the seats empty. These people are STH who are no shows, but because the seat is paid for, they report it as capacity.

guy from Florida?? That is best this shit stirrer can do ? Half way across the nation, clueless about what is really going on.

Mind as well get a someone from the moon to pen this back stabbing piece of shit of article.

When someone in Vegas speaks out with something credible , maybe it will mean something.

Until then just more blah blah blah, sore loser, whining by one of them most unsophisticated fan and writer bases in NHL.

loyalty ? in sports ?? Family ?? HA HA HA

Some people on this site are drinking the spiked kool aid. Like loyalty from MAF back stabbing the team ?

Just another VGK bashing article based on know nothings in fake news mob media. Trump would be proud.

You arent in VGK either so how would you know… Your mental capacity is on pat with Biden

@ daryl you are clueless as usual

The Hockey God, your an idiot!

thg you sure have a lot of fans on here be like alex and pauly leave

FIRE MCCRIMMON!! He’s the one destroying this team.

NEWSFLASH In response to an unknown, non descript “analyst” from South Florida, the grape stomper, I mean Foley is officially changing the name of the VGK to be more “family friendly”.

The new name will be Vegas LBGTBTBLM Disney Mickey Mouses.

Their new mascot will be a genderbender combination of Mickey and Minnie Mouse called MickMinnie. The costume department is trying to figure out the most correct costume arrangement so that the voice or “private parts” of the costume are “politically correct” in depiction.

The Grape stomp, I mean Foley , also announced all the bathrooms in T mobile will be changed to neuter Sex. And to prevent old white men with prostate issues and urgency to pee, open floor urinals will be placed all throughout the back mezzanine levels.

Also, no more mexican, italian or american food will be sold at the concessions. It’s be all mixed together in one bowl with the title “our native foods derived from our ancestors palate” aka ONFDFOAP, or FOAP food for short. Only Foley wine will now be sold in the arena during the game. Foley will be introducing new carbonated beverages , no coke/pepsi or 7 up, all will be carbonated grape juice from leftover mishmash from his distillaries.

And in effort to make things more “family friendly” all the cheer leaders will be men dressed in top hats and tuxedos (imagine chorus line is Springtime for Hitler and Germany, aka Mel Brooks “the Producers”). And the Flamingo garbed show girls will not be able to “show ” anything because well too many people were complaining about their grab not being ‘family friendly”.

The dollar loan center will now have a name change also, check back in the future.

THG PS you heard it here first, NO WHINERS ALLOWED.

ROLFMAO thG just destroyed the writer’s feeble attempt at “family atmosphere” . HA HA HA HA.

And he failed to mention the DJ anti women, anti family anti humanity, anti Culture RAP songs and sick/twisted cheer sets that the put on.

Pure genius , probably goes over the head of the “most unsophisticated fan base in history of NHL”, or whatever he labels that.

AR PS we ended the season up and up , and more up. Signing off Arnold the Brain.


You mean down and down

I actually did well betting against the knights this year (not my pref, just over valued), but they did make me pay on a few occasions. I lost my ass in the FL game a few weeks ago. I did bet on VGK (+140) tonight against STL. I didn’t want to, but last game of the season, gotta go with the homer bet and be a fan.

Unhinged garbage per usual, THG. Maybe you should lay off the THC.

babble babble babble grape juice hitler mickey mouse what the hell are you talking about its time you get some couch time


family organization !!! Say it out loud, LOL HO HO HO HO HO !

Wasn’t it Ken who wanted half of these players gone? Especially Reavo?

I was OK with getting rid of Reavo, but it was fucked up how they went about it

Sometimes things don’t work out.

“The best laid plans of mice and men, oft go astray.”

thg shit happens looney bin

Hi, Knights Fan, curious if you want Minnesota to make it now that Vegas is out? Being in Minnesota, or is there another team you would like to see win the cup?

panthers lanche final florida in six

@julie the beast is in the east

As I’ve stated awhile back, and this was before they landed MAF when I thought he might be going to the Caps, but I like the makeup of MIN. I like that they still have tough, physical players that will drop the gloves if you take cheap shots at star players. One of the few teams that remind me of the good old days of hockey.

With that being said, Go Pens!!!

it would be nice to see a cup here after all we are the state of hockey they have a shot they have scoring pretty good d penalty kill is not the best 2 good keepers need to get some bodies back in the line up would love to see flower win it here

@ Daryl I thought adding Deslauriers was brilliant. They are a good mix of skill and beat yo ass. I love it. Add in a solid goalie tandem. They will be tough to get around for any one.

Julie – the read suggests you’re in Minnesota – just visiting or have you moved. Figured you wouldd be cheering on Edmonton!!!!

I personally root for all our past players very proud to see MAF is in 16 consecutive postseason 2 more than any other goalie in the history of the NHL, Esposito ranks second!

I will rooting for Minnesota, NYR and Boston.

what happened to your buddy, alex, the not real TS ? I see TS is back using TS, the real TS that is.

no one can follow your babble or wants to

i heard he was your brother

Hey, HD, no I am not in Minnesota. I recall how tough they were last year and Fleury did great in that series and against Colorado when with Vegas for the playoffs. Moved between Henderson and Phoenix the past 20+ years due to work. I can make that drive in 4 hours if necessary, ha ha. Husband is from Edmonton, where you skate at 2 yrs of age and drink beer by 13, brew your own by 17, I think. :). Lots of hockey stories from that side of the family.

Does anyone suspect an upset in the playoffs?

Thg: Holy cow, what a brain scrambler, you are!! Saw my real 1 TS uttered with my stalker Pauly– not clear WHY, but the real TS (me) is REALLY grateful my stalker gave up! (although I HAVE wondered if you and Pauly are one and the same….” dumbest fanbase in all of Hockey…” so, which one ARE you???

Btw, thg, I’m kidding about the “pauly” comment. ..I think…not entirely sure…

I think they should start Talbot… He’s actually been doing well

“I think talbot, etc. doing well”

will there be a cartoon from someone who shall remain nameless, if that happens ?

I think you saw that one coming.

to start the word is they will rotate flower starting tonight

Well, MAF is 1-0 then holding COL to just 1 goal on 28 shots

waitaminute, sounds like I’m years late on this one – but how and why did Murray Craven get canned? When he played, that guy could do the drop pass/screen combo like few others. And he always looked zen when he was doing it too. Looks like it happened almost 4 years ago?? Thanks for any help gang.

Ulf yeah he got an offa he couldn’t refuse

I wouldn’t mind seeing Colorado win it this year. Get their hunger out of the way in case Vegas makes the post season next year

The reality of this f’ed up organization is coming out… Their greed of f’ing over season 1 STH after season 1 success showed their true colors. After screwing STH’s, they want to, announcers, coaches, and players!

This org would eat it’s own if it meant money or power… Sick people!

They will never win the cup with his sociopathic organization… And THE CURSE!

the plan was well known, you just waking up now @@???

Family organization , ha ha ha ha h a

I am still laughing at the title of this article. 🙂

hey everyone, today i turned 142 years old, give gramps a break wont ya

Hey, thg, is that in DOG years?? Just asking for clarification….

“Family like”? Oh shit that’s precious. Last time I checked, admission to a game is for the “haves” part of the “family”.

The “have not’s” part of the “family” can’t afford to join the “family”. Especially under a jelly head, sloppy joe regime..

Family by definition, is all inclusive no matter what. I don’t remember seeing any poor folk in or near T-Mobile at game time. Just the wine and cheese crowd part of the “family” adorned in their high dollar hockey apparel.

Maybe a different term should be used instead of “family” in Vegas.

ESPN+ blackout’s don’t even allow you to be part of the “family”.

Other arena’s? Sure there are other’s that are certainly affordable and closer to being an all inclusive “family”. ESPECIALLY THE PANTHERS FOR MANY YEARS. They were begging people to be part of the “family”.

But MGM and Vegas and “family”? C’mon man …..

Gary Lawless, a big fat joke, a Vgk front office shill, out there telling everyone to forget their lyin’ eyes, and pretend that everything was rosy dosy for the Vgk Golden Failures.

add Lawless to the list of the troika that needs to be fired…, coach, goalie, and fat shill.

Have to say, I thought I liked Lawless at first, but now, I agree with you. He is annoying and he needs a better suit.

To Vegas Golden Knights should have made bigger changes after Dallas and Montreal losses. Another this makes three times can’t put puck in the net! Guess what San Jose and Dallas part of those that knock them out before. Do it again and last true dynasty team Chicago Blackhawks 3 cups normally within 5 seasons. Time to stop the hiccups and make needed changes starting with front office!

Ken, I’m a Sabres fan from day one over a half century ago ! We had a thriving ” family ” and enthusiastic fans for the first several decades !It all began to unrawvel in the first decade of this century ! Key players who were the glue between the locker room and the fans were traded! Under several new owners the and organization began to look more and more like a business rather than a family ! Remember, Buffalo is a mid- sized city with a small town atmosphere and feel to it ! Ask the many ex-Sabres and ex- Bills who still make their home here! After trying many rebuilds( ie. coaches, players, GM’s, etc) the team and fans seem to be reconnecting due to the ” family ” culture being nurtured by our newest GM Kevin Adams, key senior players, an understanding and inspiring new coach, Granato, and young, talented players who are enthusiastically beginning their careers ! Contrary to the perception of most outsiders, the Sabres are not dead, but have been resurrected ( Easter season analogy)! I look forward ( if alive) to cheering these young men on to finally winning the Lord Stanley’s cup which I have been waiting on for over half a century. All happening because of a return to a family atmosphere ! Right on , Ken ! And Goooo Sabres ! Shalom ! Fr Pat Ipolito retired

No playoffs for Vegas, now there’s weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth on Sinbin.

FFS, this a business and a game, move on.

I am not a Vegas fan. I feel that early success created a unrealistic arrogance in the organization and the fan base. Nobody likes to work for a boss that gets rid of good people for no good reason. The “damn am I next”, mentality is difficult to purge. That, aging players and cap problems spell a difficult time ahead for this team.

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A surprising day for #VegasBorn fans who woke up to the news that Robin Lehner is expected to miss the entire 2022-23 season I caught up with Ken from @SinBinVegas to dive into what this means for the team and who steps up between the pipes for the VGK in '22

Logan Thompson just posted his new @BauerHockey pad setups for the upcoming season. There’s home and away versions, and damn are they sweet.

I'm not sure why this is even necessary to say, but it seems like it is so going to say it. Losing Lehner for the season is a major problem for VGK, even if Thompson is good.

Robin Lehner, out for the 2022-23 season due to hip surgery, has been one of the better goalies in the NHL in the past three seasons. Advanced metrics suggest he's unfairly gotten a bad rap lately due to the decline of Vegas' team defence. #VegasBorn

As for me, I think VGK's best option is to take the wait-and-see approach. There are questions galore with depth, injuries, goalies, coaching fit, etc that need to sort themselves out before they make any more moves. I'd sit tight for 25-30 games and then choose a direction.

With Robin Lehner out for the season, how confident are you that the Golden Knights will make the playoffs?

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