UV-resistant FRP grating

Fiberglass Reinforcement Polyester GratingWhen it comes to construction and structural design, material selection plays a foundational role for an entire project. The materials chosen have to consider the scope and use of the structure being built as well as the environmental conditions the structure will be exposed to. Ove

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Fiberglass Reinforcement Polyester Grating

UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel
When it comes to construction and structural design, material selection plays a foundational role for an entire project. The materials chosen have to consider the scope and use of the structure being built as well as the environmental conditions the structure will be exposed to. Over the years, there have typically been only a few options when it comes to structural building materials-wood, aluminum, or steel.

However, with the ever-increasing cost of steel and aluminum imports and their susceptibility to corrosion and wood's vulnerability to moisture damage- there has to be a better option, and there is.

Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), are an excellent and very capable alternative to traditional materials and offer quite a few benefits in cost, safety, durability, and strength.

Resins are what provide the environmental and chemical resistance to the finished product and are the binding agent of the glass fibers. At WTHC we apply different variations of resins depending on the environment the products will be used in, Such as: Vinyl Ester Resin, Orthophlantic Resin, Isophlantic Resin, Phenolic Resin

2. Advantages
Corrosion Resistant    Aging Resistance    Free Maintenance   Light Weight   High Strength
Inflaming Retardant

UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel

 Part of our FRP grating Size as below. For more size information, pls contact with us.
 Mesh Size


 Bar Thickness
Top/bottom (mm)

 Standard Panel Size

 Open Rate


 25 7.0/5.0 1220x3660,1220x4040
 68 12.7 
 40*40 25 5.0/3.0 1220x3660,1000x4040,1220*4025
 66 12.5 
 43*43 25 5.0/3.0 1220x3660,1220x2440,1000*4040,1000x2000, 1220x4025, 1220x4025
 64 10.5 
 30 7.0/5.0 1220*3660,1000*4040
 68 15 
 40*40 30 5.0/3.0 1220*4040,1000*4040
 66 14.5 
 38*38 38 7.0/5.0 1220*3660,1000*4040,1220*2440,1220*4040,1000*4040
 68 19 
 40*40 38 5.0/3.0 1220*3660,1220*4920,1500*3660,1000*4040
 66 18 
 50*50 50 7.0/5.0 1220*4015,1000*4040,1220*3660
 78 21.2 
 53*53 50 7.0/5.0 1220*3660
 77 22 
 19*19-38*38 25 7.0/5.0 1220*3660
 40 16.6 
 25*25-50*50 25 6.0/5.0 1220*3660
 40 15.5 
 25*25-50*50 25 6.0/5.0 1220*3660
 40 18.6 
 19*19-38*38 38 7.0/5.0 1220*3660
 40 23.7 
4. Surface
WTHC FRP Grating can be divided into two categories, which are ordinary type and covered type.
Ordinary type
A: concave(formed naturally):anti-slip
B: Gritted: extraordinary anti-slip
C: Smooth: non-slip, generally used in some places that need decoration or other purposes.

Covered type
It is used in places where there is no hole, no liquid leakage, gas play, or special requirement for a hole.
A: Smooth covered grating: non-slip, easy dedusting.
B: Gritted covered grating: best perform at anti-slip property
C: Pattern covered grating: it has a more artistic appeal but not very do a good job at anti-slip function

UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel

Strength to Weight ratio ExcellentAverageAverage
Life Span                                        Excellent                                           Good                                                         Very Good                                                   
Chemical ResistivityExcellentGoodExcellent
Electrical Non - Conductivity     ExcellentPoorPoor
Rust Proof FeaturesExcellentAverageExcellent
HandlingVery EasyDifficultDifficult
Installation CostVery LowHighHigh
Colour SelectionAvailableNot AvailableNot Available

6. Application

Walkways,Platforms,Trench covers,Swimming pool,Staircase,Floorings,Foot Bridges,Fencing, car parking,Step Treads,Chemical, Food & Beverage Marine,Oil & Gas,Telecommunications,Industry,Buildings,Constructions,Pharmaceuticals,,Water & Waste Treatment,ShippingTransportation,Architectural

UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel

7. Factory
With our own factories, we can offer molded grating of high quality at the most reasonable price.
UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel
WTHC has been initially set up to focus on the domestic market, After several years of development and outreach of operations, we have gained much popularity in our domestic market, take Taobao for example,we have managed to be the number one seller. And also perform well in Pinduoduo, Tik Tok, Baidu.
For foreign market,due to its steady quality and reasonable price. Seasoned workers, Complete production line,Convenient transportation fortress, Stable raw materials replenishment, all of these guarantee our excellent products, fast delivery,and competitive prices.
Our products specializes in molded FRP gratings, pultruded FRP structure profiles, as well as PVC grating and so on. We believe mutual benefit and co-development can be established if you choose us....

8. Certificates
UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel

9. Clips
"L" Clip
 For securing grating to support frames for moderate load
"M" Clip
To position grating on a support structure & restrain all movement.
"C" Clip
To connect two adjacent unsupported grating bars

UV-Stop FRP Grating Panel10. FAQ
1. Why choose your company?
Since we are manufacturer So the factory price is lower than most of the companies, quality as well as delivery time could also be ensured.

2.Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Suizhou City, Wuhan Province, China.
3.What type of payment do you have available?

TT or L/C, As to sample order West union will be also acceptable.
4.Can I get some samples?
Yes! We would like to offer you samples.

5.How does your factory do regarding quality control?
Each products need be inspected before into the wherehouse.
6. How can I get a quotation?
As regard to an accurate quotation, the following information will be needed: application and thickness, Size, Surface treatment, order quantity and so on, the more detailed information , the better it will be. For some customized products, Drawings will be highly appreciated.

 We do offer customized Fiberglass molded gratings to our clients on special request. You just need to provide your requirements to us.we will pleasant to design a solution to meet your demand.


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